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rworkman's Slackware Packages

If you like, appreciate, and/or find useful *anything* on any of my pages, visit the Slackware Store and make a donation to Slackware. If you use Slackware (and want it to remain in active development), that's the best thing you can do...

Of course, I won't discourage donations to me personally; in fact, my devel machine (the one that hosts all of my (virtual) build machines) is getting a bit long in the tooth and all but one of its usb ports are dead (apparently I'm hard on usb ports - two out of three on my laptop are broken too). It's still going, and it doesn't appear to be in any *urgent* need for replacement, but its time is coming. I'm not ready to put out the beggar's bowl yet, but I'll admit that it would be nice to replace the machine sooner rather than later... If you feel so inclined, here's the opportunity to make a donation.

This page generally targets the latest -stable release of Slackware (14.1), but my packages for 11.0, 12.0, 12.1, 12.2, 13.0, 13.1, 13.37, and 14.0 are still available as well as those for 14.1.

There are a few things for -current too, but those are for people interested in testing stuff that may be experimental in nature (but slated for possible inclusion in the Slackware tree).

Sources for packages (all Slackware versions) are in the sources/ directory.

Bug reports should go to me.

Please consider using the mirror of my repository provided by Darren Austin.

Packages For Slackware 14.1     ChangeLog.txt    RSS    GPG Public Key

Rather than trying to list individual packages here (which is quite frankly a maintenance nightmare), I'll just post links to the directories containing the packages.

Packages for 14.1 x86 (32bit)

Packages for 14.1 x86_64 (64bit)

There are also some packages in the /testing area, including new blueman stuff and xfce-4.12. Be sure to read the relevant ChangeLog entries before attempting to use these.

Some notes about package dependencies (all deps are also found here):

Thanks to TekLinks in Birmingham, AL, for providing colocation and bandwidth.

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